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Après Ski Bourbon Paper Cocktail Napkins


After a day hitting the slopes, there’s nothing better than enjoying a few libations, and slightly exaggerated stories. There’s a name for this storied tradition — après-ski. Quite literally, the phrase means “after ski” in French, and these days, it’s an all-inclusive phrase covering all manner of well-deserved revelry after a calorie-incinerating day on the slopes. This is the perfect napkin to compliment your well-deserved Bourbon. Bring along on your trip or give to a friend. Printed on luxury 3-ply paper.
  • Package of 20 Napkins
  • 5" x 5" folded
  • 10" x 10" open
  • Strong 3-Ply soft paper
  • Re-sealable package
  • Printed in Germany